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dramas se,Different,Dramas,korean dramas,dramas-se

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[键入文字] Why Are the TV Dramas of China and America so Different? During the process of globalization, all kinds of commodities have circulated frequently in the international ...

Nowadays,more people like watching US TV series and few people like watching Chinese TV series. There are som e differences betw een the A m erican dram as and Chinese dram as.A s far as I can see,the form er pays attention to hum anist spirits and perfom er's acting skills,but the latter pays attention to plots and perfom er's appearance or social relations. And Chinese TV series shooting speed faster and faster,so that the quality falls with it. As for a Chinese,I hope Cinese dramas can be better.Firstly,the director should suck up experience from foreign.And then,related departments should strengthen to supervise the quality of TV series.If so,we can see the better series.

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tide of glitzy Ishq-e-Mamnoon and innocuous Fatima Gul dramas, leaving local drama crews room to grow. This season, there are three dramas that give viewers something different ...

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dramas se,Different,Dramas,korean dramas,dramas-se